SO CLOSE/COSI VICINO – Milano, 24 sept./02 oct. 2014 – La prima personale di Matteo Ceschi

24 sept./02 oct. 2014

Opening 18:30 – 21:30 / Lunedì – venerdì 15.30 – 19.30 Sabato e Domenica su appuntamento

Milano, Via Vigevano 35


Finalmente SO CLOSE/COSI VICINO la prima personale a Milano di Matteo Ceschi.



No Soap Left, Boston, early January 2013 [Canon EOS 1100D]



“Close” is a balancing point beyond which the significances of the daily alter radically. The theme is more complex and multidimensional than it may seem. Each choice, each instant, each idea, can produce a deep change in the feeling of closeness; and the lens has the delicate task of fixing an absolute, while the framing must have the fortune of holding it within an essential and unsettling narrative. Constructing a series of fixed instants suggesting a synthesis means coming between the material fact of the photographer’s emotion and the impalpable expectations of the public; it involves cutting delicately and carefully the symbolic umbilical cord linking the image to the whole ethos of an artist and putting that image into the hands of those who will decide its independent life. The show So Close/Così vicino was born with just such an external – at once harsh yet respectful – action of choice, so that intuitive, fixed, moments can flow together into a narrative so deeply rooted as to become part of a unified memory.


Iron-Glass-Light, Brera, Milano, early July 2014 [Canon EOS 1100D]

La vicinanza è un punto limite al di qua o al di là del quale i significati della quotidianità cambiano radicalmente. Il tema è più complesso e multidimensionale di quanto sembri. Ogni scelta, ogni istante, ogni idea può dare una svolta profonda al senso della vicinanza e l’obiettivo ha il delicato compito di fissarlo per sempre mentre l’inquadratura deve avere la fortuna di racchiuderlo in una narrazione essenziale e perturbatrice. Curare una sintesi di questi istanti significa frapporsi tra la fisicità della passione del fotografo e le impalpabili aspettative del pubblico, significa tagliare con dolcezza e cura il cordone ombelicale dell’intero pensiero di un artista e consegnarlo nelle mani di chi ne deciderà la crescita. So Close/Così vicino nasce per questo gesto estraneo, cruento e al tempo stesso premuroso, compiuto affinché leggeri inconsapevoli attimi dialoghino con racconti così profondi da rimanere eternati in un’unica memoria.





Partnership, Milano, mid August 2014 [Canon EOS 1100D]

MATTEO CESCHI. Born in 1974 – historian and journalist – became enthused with photography the first time he looked as a child through one of his family’s many picture albums. Over the years he has shown a strong preference for classic black and white – preferably pictures of people observed with discretion as they go about their daily lives – and he tries to look beyond the formal space the lens imposes, with the secret ambition of an ideal “physical” contact with the individual he fixes in a formalized moment. Eye and hand are guided in this exciting experience by an instinctive musicality.